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ecoYoga Travel Mat



The ecoYoga Travel Mat offers all the great benefits of an Original ecoYoga Mat in a lighter version, absolutely ideal for transporting it to classes.  It weighs just over 2 lb. and is 2 mm thick compared to the Original ecoYoga mat which weighs 4.4 lb. and is 4 mm thick. 

The unique fusion of 100% natural rubber and jute provides all the great benefits of the ecoYoga mat in a lighter travel size:

Ultra grip and traction: the dimpled underside will grip the floor, the jute topside will provide a solid and slip-free surface to practice on.  

Perfect for all yoga styles, including hot yoga.

Great support and comfort

Sustainably grown plant-based materials

100% natural rubber and jute

Biodegradable, compostable, recyclable

Highly durable

Machine washable


2 mm thick, weighs 1 kg (2.2 lbs)


Special Notes:  Each ecoYoga mat is unique!  ecoYoga's proprietary technology of fusing natural rubber and jute creates a slightly different personality for each mat, which may include varied textures on the surface or tiny areas of exposed jute, all of which contribute to the uniqueness and earthiness of this wonderfully eco-friendly mat.

There are no added life-extending chemicals or synthetic materials added, just 100% all natural rubber and jute, and this is a conscious choice.  That’s what makes it is so eco-friendly and biodegradable, and designed to go back to the earth one day with all the love and intention you put into your practice.   There is an initial “shedding” of tiny flakes of surface rubber as the mat begins it’s life with you which could last any where from a few weeks to a few months.  This this not will affect the performance of the mat.  It is very durable and should last you from 2 to 10 years according to your practice and how you care for it.

ecoYoga mats contain natural latex.  So do surgical gloves.

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