HUM Yoga Props

If you'd like to add some yoga props and meditation cushions to your ecoYoga mat, please visit HUM Yoga and Meditation Essentials.
I created HUM to help you on your journey towards a higher vibration, to get more joy, peace, balance and clarity in your life through the power of a daily home yoga and meditation practice.  
Our inspiring content and thoughtfully-designed, ethically-made yoga and meditation tools will empower you to practice with confidence and help you to create an easy, enjoyable and motivating home practice.
Discover everything you need to create your home practice sanctuary: yoga bolsters, premium cork blocks, hemp yoga straps, meditation cushions, incense, essential oils, essential oil candles, Tibetan wool and cashmere meditation shawls, Tibetan singing bowls...
Order your ecoYoga mat and any props and tools you need over at HUM and they will all ship together (free shipping for orders over $150).
See you at HUM!