We are so grateful to have been blessed with very positive reviews of our ecoYoga mats since they were launched here in Canada.  Have a look to see what new fans thought about their experience.



Yoga Journal regularly mentions the Original ecoYoga mat one of the best mats.  It was named a top pick for 2014 and 2016.

2016: The "earth-lovers delight:  The Original Eco Yoga jute mat is made from all-natural rubber and hessian, the material woven from jute fiber, making it one of the most sustainable on the market. Even better, our testers loved how sticky it was from the outset."   Read the review HERE.

2014: "A unique combination of natural jute—a coarse plant fiber used in burlap—sourced from farms in India, natural rubber, and plant-based dyes makes a reliable, durable, and lovely mat to practice on."  Read the review HERE.



"Walking on earth makes you feel grounded, try practicing yoga on a real organic surface... I recently had the pleasure to experience the ecoYoga Canada earth-conscious and ethically-produced yoga mat. It's made from sustainably-grown 100% natural rubber and jute fiber. It feels like you're walking barefoot on the earth."

And also check out the Lexi Yoga Youtube channel - here she is used her ecoYoga.



"My first impression of the ecoYoga mat was that the textured side would be too rough but I instantly forgot about this once I started my practice.  Instead, I was amazed by how the non-slip natural surface actually worked!  And I loved that the mat wasn't sticky.  I've tried different ats, all touting to have the best grip but none have lived up to this claim except for ecoYoga!"



"I’m impressed with The Original ecoYoga Mat for several reasons: it contains no PVC; it comes in gorgeous colours; the length of the mat ensures you will have enough space for your yoga practice; and ecoYoga mat is not made in countries that have no Fair Trade standards for their jute industries."



"With just the right amount of cushion, the mat comes in a 4mm thickness. The underside is dimpled while the top is a tactile rubber and jute combo. At first glance, I could see the jute peeking through top layer of the rubber which made me feel a little skeptical at first. To my delight, it actually enhanced my grip while balancing and holding poses. The woven jute takes the place of the pressed pattern commonly seen on other yoga mats."



"I’m always interested in new yoga equipment so I was thrilled to give an ecoYoga mat a try. Yoga and ecology are inextricably linked so when I found out these mats are made from sustainably-grown and harvested plant-based materials, I felt this was a match made in heaven.  This mat is ideal for your hot yoga class thanks to it’s unshakeable grip- its dimpled rubber underside grips the floor like none other.  I will definitely be using this from here on out because of the stellar grip. I feel good supporting a healthy environment too!"



"The mats come in two different lengths, 72 inches and 84 inches. The mat I received was 72 inches. My husband, who is just over 6 feet himself, and I both thought that it was a good length. It’s actually several inches longer than our PVC mat we’ve been sharing for years.  Comparing it to our old PVC yoga mat, I can honestly say that I love the grip the ecoYoga mat offers.  The image below shows the jute weave very well, which gives this mat the nice grip. The stippled side goes down and also offers better slip resistance then our old mat."